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Red Daisy - Prints & Canvas Wall Art

Red Daisy is a water color & pen & ink piece. I personally proof each piece of Wall Art for color & essential element correctness prior to printing the final reproduction.

Image of Print Framed & Matted

Canvas 3/4" Wood Stretcher Bars & Finishing

Original: Sold

Available In:

  • Prints: Non-Archival Paper arrive matted,
  • Canvas: Archival, 3/4" stretcher bars, ready to hang,
  • Canvas Wrap Types: White, Black, or Mirror Imaged Sides,
  • Archival Prints & Canvas: unframed, unmatted,
  • Pricing, Paper & Canvas Information below,
  • Shipping & Taxes Included In Price.

Red Daisy Prints: Non-Archival
Red Daisy Prints: Archival
Red Daisy Canvas: Archival
Enter Wrap Type: White, Black or Mirror Imaged Sides

A Note on Paper Selection:

A photographic paper will be smooth, whereas the archival rag paper will replicate the paper used in an original work of art. Each represent color vividly and capture the true beauty of the art work. The choice between the two is, as is with art in general, how the viewer feels when looking at the art work. There is no "right" or "wrong" paper selection. 

Non-Archival Papers:

The Kodak silver halide photographic print paper used is rated by the amount of time the color will remain stable and unchanged if kept dry, behind UV treated glass and out of the sunlight or under fluorescent lights at over 100 years. 

Archival Print Paper:

Epson Somerset Velvet 19 mil, 255 gsm, 100% cotton Somerset has always been one of the first paper choices among serious artists and printers since the 1700’s and the days of hand-made paper. This old world paper, with an ink jet coating, meets the quality requirements of the most demanding print-makers, and has a Velvet surface for rich details and vibrant color. When kept behind glass with an UV coating the image will stay crips for 128 years.  

Archival Canvas:

Breathing Color 17M 17 mil 350 gsm poly-cotton archival certified inkjet canvas. This product is free of optical brightening and fluorescent whitening agents, and has an acid free, neutral pH coating for a 100 year life. Breathing Color revolutionized inkjet canvas with their first to market "Chromata White" technology. This product gives giclée printers the most stable platform on which to print fine art reproductions without the metamerism issues or color shift issues inherent in other canvases for superior color reproduction and long term color stability.