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Art To Love & Live In!

Original Art, Art Reproductions &Art Gifts

Product Information:

100% polyester fabric, fitted with C-shaped curtain hooks, machine washable, cold water, mild detergent.

Drag above, below or to the sides of any module.

Drag handl

Shower Curtains 

Select Art Work from the Art Gallery.

Select the Size from the Drop Down Menu below. Enter the name of your Art selection, and Add to Cart.

Personalize Your Shower Curtain !

If you would like to Personalize your Art Shower Curtain, fill in the form to the right, and click send.  

Shower Curtains:
Name of Art Selection

Pricing Chart: Spiral Notebook

Size          Amt.        Ship       Total

36 x 72      $29.00      $7.00      $36.00

48 x 72      $30.00      $7.00      $37.00

60 x 72      $31.00      $7.00      $38.00

66 x 72      $32.00      $7.00      $39.00

72 x 72      $37.00      $7.00      $47.00

72 x 75      $40.00      $7.00      $48.00

72 x 84      $41.00      $7.00      $48.00           

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